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We, at Tea Central, are committed to bringing the finest tea blends from around the world to your
doorstep. We ethically source the best and unique tea flavors to provide the best tea experience with
every meticulously brewed cup of tea. Our firm family values, which make the core of our business,
keeps us committed to providing the best tea experience to our customers. We wanted to create and
cultivate a safe haven for tea drinkers where service is provided keeping their experience and
convenience in mind.

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An aromatic beverage prepared from tea leaves by infusing them with boiling water
A hot beverage that diminishes troubles and soothes your nerves
A hot beverage that is known to bring a smile on everyone’s faces

Tea’s story of birth is brewed with a Chinese legend’s accidental discovery and an Indian priest’s spiritual discovery. Who would have thought that a discovery made thousands of years ago, would make the way for 158 million people drinking it daily, on any given day in America alone. Legend or truth, it is safe to say that tea has made a special place in our homes and our hearts.

Why tea is so healthy?

Tea is famous for its myriad of benefits. Not only is it the second most consumed beverage in the world, just after water but can also be consumed in different forms, thus adding to its popularity. Tea is one of the healthiest beverages to go around because of its high concentration of antioxidants called polyphenols, which may prevent in the occurrence of cancer, osteoporosis and cardiovascular diseases. Although such nutrients are found in many foods, as well as coffee, tea still tops the list because of its uniquely rich polyphenols called catechins (particularly EGCG), which may be the most powerful ones of all.

History and Timeline of Tea

The seed for Tea Central was planted in 2016, when a group of tea enthusiasts decided to make art of
tea accessible to everyone, by merely being a click away. Our passion for providing a curated selection of teas in one space and to make it easily accessible to all, led us to creating this platform.

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    2737 B.C

    The second emporer of China, Shen Nung, discovered tea when a few leaves fell into his cup of boiling water, whilst he was resting under a tree. A bit hard to believe right but then most discoveries have been accidental

  • 2
    350 A.D

    A Chinese disctionary ‘ErhYa’ first acknowledged it existence, around this time.

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    400-600 A.D

    Tea in its early discovery was considered and consumed for medcicinal purposes and the demand for tea because of its medicinal properties increased around this era.

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    400 A.D

    Tea, now being fondly called as KuangYa in the Chinese dictionary, tea and its famous ceremony is clearly defined for the masses.

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    479 A.D

    Tea, now slowly gaining popularity, was being demanded on the border of Mongolia by Turkish Traders.

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We will continue building on this platform by continually bringing to you the finest selection of teas,
trusty honest reviews and feedback and most important of all, a seamless and smooth customer service.


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