Black Tea ‘Heart’s Favorite Tea’

In today’s episode of tea, we will get introduced to black tea and dwell further in its benefits. To start off, black tea comes from the same tea leaves as oolong, green and white tea ‘Camellia Sinesis’. It is the most oxidized than the others in the lot. It is also the strongest out of the rest. In China and its neighboring countries it is always referred to as ‘red tea’. Black tea, is also one of the most popular teas known for centuries. As it has longer lasting properties, it is also widely used in trade as opposed to its equally popular counterpart ‘green tea’.

It’s prepared differently in different cultures. Chinese people are known to add sweetening agents, spices and melted chocolates or even rare herbs to the brew of black tea. Others are also known to add various spices and herbs such as ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, lemon grass or basil.

In various studies it has been found to benefit cardiovascular diseases. The Netherlands national institute of public health has found a strong correlation between black tea and decreased risk of strokes. Also, the Boston School of Medicine has discovered that within only a few hours of consuming black tea, it has improved the overall function of blood vessels.

Now, as we have been introduced to our hearts favorite tea, let’s get into the benefits of it.

1.To your heart’s content: One extremely notable benefit is that consumers of black tea have considerable reduced risk of strokes than non-tea drinkers. The antioxidant flavonoids present in black tea are known to prevent oxidization of LDL cholesterol. Further preventing damage to the blood stream and its artery walls, thus lowering the risk of heart disease.

2.Prevention of Cancerous Cells: Like other tea varieties, black tea also consists of antioxidants ‘polyphenols’, which prevent in formation of cancerous cells, that are known to form lung, ovarian, prostrate, colorectal and bladder cancers. It is also been shown to reduce breast and stomach cancer cells. Additionally, studies have shown that it considerably reduces the risk of oral cancer in cigarettes smokers.

3.Free Radicals Elimination: The hefty amount of antioxidants in black tea are found to reduce and eliminate the free radicals in one’s system. Free radicals are the nasty little things that infiltrate your system after consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages. It further prevents the formation of blood clots, cancerous cells, atherosclerosis. Black tea, coupled with drops of lemon is also a preventative method towards Alzheimer’s disease.

4.Immune System Booster: A strong and kicking immune system is necessary for fighting off bacteria and various viruses, which cause illnesses. Black tea contains a substance called ‘tannins’ which help fight off viruses like influenza, dysentery, hepatitis, cold and flu. Consuming 3 to 4 cups of black tea daily is shown to help lower inflammation and eliminate harmful pathogens.

5.Stress Reliever: A very commonly known fact is that a tasty, aromatic cup of tea will take away the stress of ones daily lives. Not only does a cup of this dark brew helps in relaxing your body and mind, it also consists amio acid L-Theeanine, which studies have shown to help you concentrate better. Furthermore black tea is also known to reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, if consumed in mild quantities on a regular basis.

6.Digestive troubles, be gone: In addition to improving your immune system, the substance ‘tannins also have shown to have a calming and almost therapeutic effect on your digestive tract. Gastric and intestinal illness have known to show improvement, if consumed on a regular basis.

7.Energy booster: Like most teas, black tea consists caffeine. Caffeine is known to have a simulating effect on our senses and is also known to aid mental alertness. It’s a great substitute for coffee. The low traces of caffeine also help in enhancing your blood flow to the brain without over-working the heart. Additionally, it also simulates metabolism and your respiratory system.

8.Fight off tooth decay: The catechin antioxidants found in black tea helps reduces risk of oral cancer. The polyohenols and tannins found in black tea act as antibiotics and helps shield against tooth decay. Black tea also contains fluoride, which fights bad breath by staving off harmful bacteria from oral cavity.
9.Glow from within: In addition to all the various health benefits, Vitamins B2, C, E and minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc, which are found in black tea are significantly essential to one’s overall skin health.

10.A cuppa a day, keeps sadness away: Last but not the least, a hot steaming cup of tea will always a put a smile on your face. If that isn’t reason for you to pick up a cup then you have the rest of the 8 benefits mentioned above to give you the final push.

Happy tea drinking!

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