Around the world with Iced Tea

With temperatures soaring world over, it’s only a matter of time before our desserts are replaced with flavored frozen yoghurts and our hot chocolates are replaced with iced teas. Iced tea may not have been around for as long as traditional tea but it is still a favored drink of many. A novelty drink at first, it gained popularity during the 1870s. The recipes made it to print and the popular drink started appearing on restaurant menus. It further gained popularity when Richard Blechynden introduced it at the World Fair in 1904. Whilst traditional tea boasts many health and beauty benefits, iced tea is only meant to be enjoyed by your taste buds and not applied tropically. So in today’s article we will explore iced tea around the world and its different cultural variations.

Austria: Iced Tea is fondly known as ‘Eistee’ in Austria, and is usually drunk heavily sweetened. One of the two popular manufacturers are Pfanner and Rauch.

Brazil: Mate or Cha Mate is a popular drink in the popular city of Brazil, Rio De Janeiro. The Brazilian version too is drunk sweetened and ice cold. It is part of their street culture, where it is drunk mixed with lime juice for an extra kick. One of the most popular brand Leao, which was originally from Parana, and was later acquired by The Coca Cola Company. This particular drink is generally left refrigerated overnight and is also marketed as non-carbonated soft drink.

Canada: In Canada too, iced tea is preferred as sweetened tea sprinkled with lemon juice. It is usually made at home or comes ready to drink in powdered form. Sweetened green teas, as well raspberry, peach or pomegranate are also becoming widely popular because of heavy marketing efforts. Sweetened iced teas are a common alternative to soft drinks and are served with variety of dishes. Mainly health food stores have ready to drink iced teas prepared from whole leaf tea variety. Freshly brewed iced teas are also popular at standalone restaurants and canned iced teas are widely drunk at home in Canada.

China: Traditional tea is still the popular drink in china, as its part of their cultural tea ceremonies. But iced teas have also gained popularity in the recent times. Common types of iced tea flavors include green tea, oolong, black ad plenty of other herbal options. Iced tea is usually prepared at home and is done by adding plenty of ice to a strongly brewed tea pitcher. Historically refrigerated tea was only available to political figures but with time it gained popularity amongst many regions in china.

Germany: Nestea, Lipton and Pfanner are the most dominant brands which served bottled and canned iced tea variants. Lipton has on offer a variety of carbonated variety under the brand ‘Ice Tea Sparkling’. Ice tea is also available in many restaurants and cafes. Half sweetened is also a popular drink and available in most supermarkets.

Hong Kong: Iced lemon tea is a popular variant that is available in most restaurants. A strong black tea is also widely prepared at length in a metal pot over a burner and is prepared and served with lots of ice. In popular dessert parlors like ‘Quickly’ iced green tea is also available, usually flavored with jasmine blossoms, both with and without tapioca pearls.

India: A hot steaming cup of tea is what’s part of India’s culture, even though iced tea has made its place in the Indian market, hot cup of masala chai will always be their preferred choice of drink.

Nepal: As the same case with India, iced tea isn’t very popular in Nepal. Cup of hot tea, still being their favored choice of drink. However, iced teas are available at fine dining restaurants, tourist spots and in malls.

Italy: Iced tea is a popular drink in Italy and is widely available.. Generally available only in lemon and peach flavors. Escathe and Lipton are some well-known brands.

Japan: Japan is one of the most important iced tea markets worldwide. Iced teas are available in variety of variations in japan, bottled and canned varieties are widely seen in many vending machines.

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