Here’s How A Cup of Tea Can Help You lose weight .

Looking to lose a few pounds and can’t find the time for gym? Here’s a healthy way of losing weight.

Want to try a relaxed and healthy way to reduce belly fat over time?

Learn how you can gradually drop a dress size by sipping the right cup of tea and discover its benefits.

Drinking limited amounts of Tea made from camellia sinensis, a shrub, on regular basis have been known to be helpful in fighting fat around the belly and enabling overall weight loss. There is no evidence of spot reduction in losing weight but along with a healthy diet, regular exercise and consumption of tea will give you the desired results.

Research indicates that the compounds present in green tea have beneficial effects on body and abdominal fat. Drinking approximately two (or less) cups of tea per day has been indicated to enhance weight loss. Similarly, Black tea and white tea also aid in the process of weight reduction by absorbing fat.

It is also said that drinking 1 cup of black tea will enhance your cardiovascular function. While white tea prevents the formation of new fat cells. These are some Popular teas to drink to achieve your weight loss goals.

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