6 different types of healthy Teas and their benefits.

Black Tea : Polyphenols Antioxidants present in black tea decreases chronic and heart diseases, body cholesterol and blood pressure. Highest in caffeine most popular tea as an alternative for coffee.

Green Tea : The Super hero among all teas, made from contains nutrients and antioxidants influences the brain function, lowers risk of cancer and helps to reduce body fat

White Tea : Tea variety delicately picked as young buds right before the tea leaves open is rich in antioxidants and it protects body against cancer and cardiovascular diseases

Oolong tea: Made from leaves, buds and stems of the camellia sinenesis improves brain functionality, bone strength and boost metabolism

Pu-Erh Tea : Ancient Chinese healing tea fermented for a long time resulting in a malty taste helps to reduce cardiovascular disease and risk of obesity and blood pressure

Herbal Tea : Infusion or blend of edible leaves, roots, barks, flowers immersed with hot water has lower levels of antioxidants contributing to fight against common cold and variety of health alignments

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